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3 Real Life Lessons About Sex And Men�s Health: Tidbits For Older Women and Younger Men

Older ladies and younger men will both experience a decrease in their libido later in life. The pace of hormonal change will b    e different by person. Listed here are three (3) real-life lessons about sex and men�s health.
Chris Benoit Testosterone Levels - cougar women

Although some older women could be drawn to men who workout, they should see if the younger man has taken testosterone pills. Passionate romance can blind you to the dangers of certain life choices. Amongst bodybuilders, the �roid rage� phenomenon is too real.


Chris Benoit is a tragic illustration of a man who fell for �roid rage� after taking performance-enhancing drugs for a long period. Sex and men�s health may also be compromised when powerful prescription medications are involved.


Dating tips might include checking out the medicines individuals are taking. A cougar should check for potential negative effects and contraindications.
Tony Soprano Cardiac arrest

Cardiovascular disease will be the #1 killer of both American people as Actor James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano) learned when he died on the ages of 51 years of age. Men have larger bodies placing more force on their hearts.


As a result of more career opportunities, women have increased heart attack rates. Mama Cass Elliott (with the Mama�s and Papa�s fame) died on the tender age of 32 yrs . old. She died of a cardiac event in her own sleep. A Cougar probably will have an overabundance tension in their busy profession. Her Cub might need to look after her.


After someone experiences the initial cardiac arrest, couples wonder if they need to change their sex lives. Some cardiologists suggest that most sex is unlikely to trigger another heart attack.
Married Men Live 17 Years Longer Than Single Men

Marriage is good for the pocket book and health according to statistics. Married men tend to live 17 years over single men and married women often live Many years more than single women. Obviously, women carry on living over men. Relationships is definitely an incredible bounty for women and men as they look after one another�s needs.


Love and romance must take all of these biological and economic factors into consideration. The Cougar\Cub romance is gaining popularity as a result of many demographic factors. Find out more in the informative Tomei B book - �Cougars and Their Cubs: Reasons Older Women Choose Younger Men and Cougar Power Past and offer.�


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Things A lot of people Don�t Know About Older Women And Younger Men Dating
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Things Most People Don�t Learn about Older Females and Younger Men Dating
Have you ever seen how some older actresses seem to blossom inside their forties? Women like Linda Evans, Joan Collins and Helen Mirren progress with age. Listed below are more things that most people don�t learn about older ladies and younger men.
People Different Maturity Growth Patterns Have

Are you aware that men have their sexual peak at 18 yrs . old and some women have their own sexual peak at 35 years old? Biologically, older ladies and younger men make sense since both will be inside their peaks sexually. Sex and men�s health supports this relationship.


Women mature at different rates. While there are general guidelines, each female is unique. That's the reason women try to express their individuality with colorful dresses while men wear the identical tuxedos at formal affairs.
Older Women Will be more Established

Most couples argue about money and when folks are younger, they have a tendency to be poor. An older woman can be well-versed in her career, so cash is easy. This creates stability within the relationship.


Other dating tips include centering on communication. Older ladies and younger men must expect you'll handle any gossip concerning their relationship. They have to make love and romance central to all which they do.


Older women are better with relationships because of their inherent communication skills advantages. Women process speech in both lobes of the brains. This produces a deeper amount of understanding.
Younger Males are Energetic

The Cougar and Cub must always keep their romance strong and vibrant. It must involve a deep connection rather than be based on superficial, short-term goals or agendas. Hollywood has several relationships that are simply marketing gimmicks to offer products or services.


It, �Cougars in addition to their Cubs: Reasons Older women Choose Younger Men and Cougar Power Past and Present,� explores the history of these relationships. It can help people view the challenges and advantages of cross-generational relationships. Now, may be the height with the energy older women.


The Cougar has maturity on her side, but she needs to allow her younger man some freedom. Teenagers do not want to feel chained by any relationship. The Cub wants to enjoy every one of the wonderful fruits of his youth. By providing him freedom, the Cougar will enrich their relationship exponentially. �Cougars and Their Cubs�� might help the connection flourish, mature and develop. Get the copy prior to being gone. - cougar women